The second station of our Far East tour in our 2013 holiday was Guangzhou which takes place in south part of China. We arrived at Guangzhou East Railway Station from Hong Kong after 2 hours travel by train (HK$ 190). Currency is Chinese Yuan (CNY). 1 Yuan was equal to approximately 0.3 Turkish Liras. Turkish citizens who have regular passports need a visa to enter People’s Republic of China. Our arrival to Hong Kong was connecting over Beijing. So, we had a double-entry visa and enter China from Guangzhou in second time.

Chinese Yuans
Chinese Yuans

1. day – 19.06.2013

We visited here to look for electronic devices. Therefore, we didn’t travel in this city. We went to GangDing station by 3 number subway line from East Railway Station, and we visited electronic shopping centres here. We couldn’t find what we looked for, but there are a lot of electronic shopping centres here where you can find many electronics you looked for. They were trying to sell IPad mostly. If we talk about their English: a seller used “other other other other” words to describe 3-4 building afterwards, it shows that you can agree in some way 🙂 They do their best to sell something.

When we got to Guangzhou, I met with a city which is more developed than I expected. I did not expect there were so many skyscrapers and 5 metro lines, I thought it was a smaller city. Canton Tower is one of the city’s tallest tower, was built near Pearl River. Tower can be seen from many parts of the city. Canton Tower is seen in below photo that I got from the Internet:

Guangzhou - Canton Tower
Guangzhou – Canton Tower

Canton is the former name of Guangzhou. The Canton Fair which is the largest trade fair of Far East is held in this city twice a year, in October and in April. This fair is China’s largest trading market and is visited by thousands of business man from our country, as well.

We went to East Railway Station to get our luggage. Then, we went to Guangzhou Railway Station using 3 number subway line and 5 number subway line. This train station was so different from East Railway Station. This was a rather squalid, filthy place, and we had to spend a few hours here. By the way, I must tell you: if you visit there, don’t forget to take insecticide with you to apply your body. So many insects bit me for two weeks, unfortunately.

Guilin Travel Notes

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